'I'm think I'm okay with regular perfume': Comedian hilariously mocks 'vabbing' TikTok trend

'I'm think I'm okay with regular perfume': Comedian hilariously mocks 'vabbing' TikTok trend
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"Vabbing" is the latest TikTok trend, and it's safe to assume comedian Em Rusciano won't be trying it out after her hilarious reaction to the practice.

The 43-year-old came across a video where TikToker Mandy Lee @oldloserinbrooklyn explained what the vabbing trend was all about.

Basically, Lee said explained that the word which merges the words "vagina" and "dabbing" and is where women's vaginal fluids secrete pheromones and vabbing is where you wear those fluids on your neck, chest and wrists like a perfume to attract men.

She added the term originated from Secret Keepers Club podcast with comedians Carly Aquilino and Emma Willmann when they chatted with a listener who said had tried it out herself.

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As the creator detailed what the trend compasses, Rusciano was flabbergasted at what she was hearing as she asked: "Is she suggesting you pop your p***y perfume on your pulse points?

"I think I'm okay with regular perfume thanks very much!"

In a humorous twist, the comedian then combined famous perfume brands with the vabbing trend and had some fun with filters such as a fruit basket hat, sparkly pink background and floral heart-shaped glasses to create her own mock perfume adverts.

"Try Elizbeth Arden's new fragrance, Pink Door. Why not try Impulse, Merrily Muff? Discharge by Davidoff," she said in a sultry voice.

"Today I learned about #Vabbing and I have questions…" Rusciano wrote in her video caption.


Today I learned about #Vabbing and I have questions…

One person wrote: "Yeah I am okay with normal perfume too."

"I am staying 10ft away from everyone now," another person said after learning about vabbing.

Someone else added: "That’s a hard no from me."

"Victoria Secrete," a fourth person jokingly continued Rusciano's list of funny vabbing fragrance names.

While vabbing is currently a TikTok trend, it's not a new concept as the word was included on Urban Dictionary back in 2019, while the link between pheromones and attraction in humans and animals has been studied for decades.

Though over the years, it has been debated whether pheromones play a role in human attraction, with no conclusive evidence to show for this, the BBC andScientific American reported.

Professor Mark Elgar, a professor of evolutionary biology at the University of Melbourne told ABC's Triple J: "I think the whole idea of vabbing is hilarious, and I hope no one takes it too seriously," and added how humans look for other attraction signals such as looks, voice and charm.

Like Rusciano, we think most of us will stick with traditional perfume...

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