Tories are trying to sing the Oh Jeremy Corbyn song, but there's one major problem

Tories are trying to sing the Oh Jeremy Corbyn song, but there's one major problem

Ever since the electoral upset of the Labour Party actually gaining seats, the Conservatives have been trying to find a way to appeal to voters under the age of 47.

During the general election a disproportionate amount of young people voted Labour, and the Conservatives would very much like to turn those red votes blue.

First there was the 'Big Tent' ideas festival that was billed by some as a right wing Glastonbury.

The contrast was particularly evident seeing as Jeremy Corbyn had appeared at the actual Glastonbury, where he was greeted by his informal anthem 'Oh Jeremy Corbyn' sung or chanted to the tune of 'Seven Nation Army' by the White Stripes.

On Sunday, it was leaked that Theresa May would be tinkering with the student fee system to keep them at the bargain basement price of £9,250 per year for full time students.

Lest we forget that Mike Read once did a political rap to diners at the Conservative conference.

On Sunday night the BBC's James Bolton claimed that some attendees at the Tories' annual conference were trying to ape the 'Oh Jeremy Corbyn' chant, but using the name of Brexit Secretary David Davis.

David Davis obviously does not fit. Pull yourselves together chaps.

The Daily Telegraph's Michael Deacon helpfully gave his own suggestions for prominent Tories whose names do fit the White Stripes' tune.

'Oh Marg-aret Thatch-er' does scan, as do the names of the former Conservative prime ministers Harold MacMillan and Anthony Eden, though maybe reaching back at least 27 years for something to sing about would suggest there was something amiss with the current crop of Conservatives.

The crack political team at indy100 have narrowed down possible Tory leaders to all the three-syllable, two-syllable names among the Conservative parliamentary party.

  • (Sir) Michael Fallon
  • Harriet Baldwin
  • Maria Caulfield
  • Thérèse Coffey
  • Damian Collins
  • Alberto Costa
  • Caroline Dinenage
  • Oliver Dowden
  • Tobias Ellwood
  • Rebecca Harris
  • Andrea Jenkyns
  • Gillian Keegan
  • Jeremy Lefroy
  • Julian Lewis
  • Julia Lopez
  • Maria Miller
  • Christopher Pincher
  • Julian Sturdy

Place your bets before the bookies get wind of this absolute lock.

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