A conservative content creator with more than 95,000 subscribers on YouTube has been ridiculed online after she tried to pit Madonna against Nancy Reagan, the late wife of Ronald Reagan and former first lady.

In a tweet which was more vague than “Vogue”, Abby ‘Classically Abby’ Shapiro – who just so happens to be the sister of controversial commentator Ben – shared pictures of the two women and wrote: “This is Madonna at 63. This is Nancy Reagan at 64.

“Trashy living vs classic living.

“Which version of yourself do you want to be?”

The image of Madonna is taken from a steamy bedroom photoshoot that got chins wagging last month. When Instagram allegedly removed her racy posts, she simply reposted them.

The post caused both ‘Ben Shapiro’ and ‘Nancy Reagan’ to trend on social media as Twitter users shared their thoughts.

Some commenters pointed out the ex-first lady’s stance on Aids, including her reportedly turning down pleas for help and support from American actor Rock Hudson:

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Naturally, this and other reasons led many to back Madonna:

Some users also pointed out the issue with pitting women against each other, describing it as “misogyny”:

We’re also team Madonna here, obviously.

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