Conspiracy theorists are blaming 'Directed Energy Weapons' for Texas wildfires

Conspiracy theorists are blaming 'Directed Energy Weapons' for Texas wildfires
Texas Panhandle fire chief killed in fire
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In the wake of a devastating wildfire in the Texas panhandle, conspiracy theorists are already blaming it on the government.

The fire became the largest in state history after spreading more than 1,700 square miles.

Whilst authorities are yet to determine the cause of the fire, conspiracy theorists have decided to rehash on old conspiracy: Directed Energy Weapons (DEW).

The conspiracy theory was pushed during the Hawaiian wildfires last year, and has resurfaced now in the wake of the Texas wildfires.

As a result of the conspiracy theory, many falsely claimed that painting one's roof blue would protect them from government space lasers looking to burn down the house.

Republican Gov. Greg Abbott has issued a disaster declaration for 60 counties, but conspiracy theorists are seeing it as further proof of the use of DEWs. As well as some saying that the fires are part of a plan to destroy Texas and other Republican states.

The Daily Dotreport that one user on X wrote: "Not a chance in hell there’s too many locations too many fires started in one time. This is just straight up arson this is an attack against Texas. Federal government can’t send men in to force Texas to heel. So now we have directed energy weapons and arson attacks.”

Unsurprisingly, there is no evidence that directed energy weapons are being used to cause wildfires. The claim has been repeatedly debunked by experts and firefighters.

So there's no need to start painting your roof blue.

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