A mummy supposedly found in Mongolia, which is said to have been buried around the 6th century AD, has been taken as proof of time travel becuase some people somehow think it's wearing Adidas trainers.

The human remains are being hailed as the first complete Turkik burial found in Central Asia.

The Siberian Times reports that researchers said the person was likely be a woman, due to the lack of a bow in the tomb, not of the elite of the society, and was found alongside a saddle, a bridle, a clay vase, a wooden bowl, a trough, a kettle, the remains of a horse and four sets of clothing.

Picture: Khovd Museum

Archaeologists from the Khovd museum were alerted to the burial site in the Altai Mountains by locals who had discovered it, and the grave was located 2803 meters above sea level, which combined with the cool temperatures, helped to preserve the three metre deep tomb.

Most importantly and scientifically, people on the internet feel that the shoes the mummy is wearing are evidence of time travel...

The laces appear a little like the iconic stripes on the German brand's trainers, which of course can only mean one thing - definitive and conclusive proof that time travel is 100 per cent real.

A user on Liveleak wrote:

The mummy had on some Adidas in the first pic?

And the theory was complete.

Try the slider below and let us know what you think...

Truth be told, we're not very convinced.

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