What were the choir singing in the now viral misheard Coronation moment?

What were the choir singing in the now viral misheard Coronation moment?
Moment Queen Camilla is crowned during coronation

During the King’s Coronation, a choir sang a song for the new Queen Camilla and everyone is saying the same thing about what it sounds like.

On Saturday 6 May, King Charles III was officially crowned alongside The Queen, Camilla at a ceremony at Westminster Abbey in London.

The ceremony, steeped in tradition and ritual, featured many musical interludes from various choirs and it was during one song that people thought they heard the word “vagina” being sung.

In a viral TikTok clip by @the_two_games, which has been viewed over 29 million times, Camilla could be seen inside the abbey slowly making her way down an aisle between a choir whose members stood on either side.

Text overlaying the clip read, “Please tell me you hear ‘I LIKE VAGINA CAMILLA’” and the person filming the TV could be heard laughing in the background.

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It’s safe to say that the TikToker who shared the post wasn’t the only person to mishear to song.

Someone else commented: “I was thinking that too when I watched it.”

Another said: “I CAN HEAR IT TOO.”

“I thought I was the only one that thought this when I watched it live,” one comment read.

On Twitter, others said the NSFW words were firmly stuck in their head.

Someone tweeted: “After 14 vodkas ‘I like vagina Camilla is on a loop in my head and I can’t stop laughing.”

Obviously, the choir was not singing about vagina, but was instead singing the words “Vivat Regina Camila!”. This means, “Long Live Queen Camilla” in Latin.

Mystery solved.

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