Security guard becomes social media icon after being asked to run a museum's Twitter account during lockdown

National Cowboy and Western Heritage Museum/Twitter

Now that many of us are either working from home or staying at home (and not working) permanently, it's easy to forget that some people still have to go to work and have now got whole new responsibilities.

While first responders, health and care workers now have to do the most to keep themselves and others safe, others like security guards, for instance, now have to look after buildings that are receiving no visitors whatsoever but still need to be guarded to stop any potential thieves.

Not every empty building with a security guard needs a social media admin but some – such as museums – do. And who better than to keep people informed as to what is happening at a museum than the only person who is still allowed in the venue?

Meet Tim, he is the head of security for the National Cowboy and Western Hertiage Museum in Oklahoma City and is now its temporary head of social media while the museum is closed to the public.

As you can probably tell from reading the above, Tim isn't too familiar with Twitter but is super keen and eager to show everyone what is happening in the museum with no one there.

However, he doesn't always get it right and seems to be having some trouble with hashtags.

However, he soon got a handle of things and his dad jokes are a pure joy – as is his 'Thanks, Tim' signature.

No, Tim. That's not a TikTok but we'll accept it this time.

He even found time, to share some of the celebrities that he has met.

His grandkids Lucas and Keira have had plenty of mentions.

Tim has even been adding his own twist to rescheduling announcements. Does this man's talent's no know bounds?

Needless to say, his unique use of Twitter has seen him become an instant icon and people are loving the small amount of happiness he is spreading throughout the world in these worrying times.

The decision to put Tim in charge of the social media account was made by the institutions chief marketing and communications director Seth Spillman, who could not have foreseen just how much of a viral sensation Tim would have become.

Speaking to CNN, Spillman said:

What we found was an authentic voice for the Museum. What we didn't anticipate was how much that voice would resonate with people during this difficult time. It's wonderful.

Fingers crossed that they keep allowing Tim to run their Twitter account when this pandemic is over.

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