People are making the ridiculous claim that the Covid jab has made them ‘magnetic’
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People are claiming the coronavirus vaccine makes them magnetic and it’s as ridiculous as it sounds.

Posting on TikTok and other social media platforms, numerous people are placing magnets on their arms and saying that the jab has made them magnetic, while others are claiming it as ‘proof’ they have been microchipped.

But - in case you held any doubts - this is absolute nonsense. Al Edwards, an associate professor in biomedical technology from the University of Reading, told Newsweek there was “absolutely no way” a magnet could stick to a person’s arm after an injection.

“Your body is made up of exactly the same kind of biological building blocks [as the materials in the vaccine], so there is simply no way that injecting a tiny fragment of this material could have any impact,” he said. “Most food is made of similar molecules, and eating food doesn’t make people magnetic.”

Meanwhile, tired fact checkers Full Fact- who have already had to intervene when people ‘tested’ oranges for coronavirus - explained that everyone participating in this trend is just a bit sweaty. Writing in a blog they said:

“It’s much more likely that the videos are showing adhesion of the magnet to the skin, thanks partly to moisture on the skin’s surface and the fact that the magnet is small and light. This effect is similar to how it’s possible to “stick” a coin to your forehead or balance a spoon on your nose.”

Need further proof? Fine: coronavirus vaccines do not contain magnetic metals. And one of the people who posted about this even apologised after a video of her placing a magnet on her arm went viral on TikTok.

“I messed up, that was a 100 per cent joke,” a TikTok user called Emily said. Speaking to the BBC, she added she tried to correct people by revealing she had licked the magnet and said she deleted the video to stop the fake news spreading.

But reacting to people being ‘magnetic’, savvy Twitter users knew that it was complete nonsense:

We shudder to think what will come next.

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