Costco workers reveal best-kept return secrets in viral TikTok

Costco workers reveal best-kept return secrets in viral TikTok

Costco: The shopping destination that inundates buyers with an impressive amount of options – and now, according to one TikToker, the retailer also offers a generous returns policy too.

In a viral self-recorded TikTok that has racked a staggering 2.9 million views in under a week, Hannah (@hanzbanannzz) and her colleague answer some of the most bizarre refund questions and reveal some shocking truths.

Titled, ‘Questions we get all the time at refunds’, the pair can be seen donning Costco staff badges and appear to be recording the short clip in the Costco back office.

Their first shock revelation claimed that shoppers are entitled to a full refund for bed sheets that have been used over the past five years. The question read, “I used these bed sheets for 5 years. Can I return it?” to which the Costco workers responded:

“Yes! U get a full refund”—accompanied by a woozy face emoji.

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The following question asked whether a dead Christmas tree can be returned after Christmas – surely not?

In a shocking turn of events, the pair responded: “Yes! You’ll get a full refund.”

And finally, just as you thought the questions couldn’t get any more niche, the last question asked: “Can I return this pie even tho there’s only a quarter of it left?”

“SURE! Here’s ur money back,” they answered.

The viral clip prompted hundreds of shocked comments from fellow TikTok users. “My social anxiety could never”, one commented.

Another highlighted Costco’s smart move, “But, you know what, it keeps us coming back. I return $50 but spend $500 on the way out.”

Others felt compelled to share their own Costco refund experiences. “Costco returns clerk here. I literally always have to remember that it’s not my money, so just do the return”, one TikToker shared.

Another joked, “My husband works at Costco and one time a woman brought back an empty wine bottle because it gave her a headache!”

According to the official Costco website, they offer “one of the best return policies in the industry.”

“All returns are reviewed and considered on a case-by-case basis. Some returns will be authorised/refused at the discretion of a manager.”

indy100 has reached out to Costco for further comment.

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