Couple discover they have mysterious 'creature' living in their house

Couple discover they have mysterious 'creature' living in their house
'Woman & granddaughter spot 'mysterious' creature lurking behind a tree outside their ...
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Buying a new house and carrying out renovations to turn it into a home means you're likely to unearth new aspects about the property... or learn that a mysterious "creature" is a resident, like one couple discovered.

On their dedicated renovation account (@renovatingnumber6) the couple has been providing updates about the big house transformation as they gutted the place out to put their own design stamp on the abode.

Though in one video, the consequences of the building work are soon apparent when the couple revealed they have "some sort of creature" living under their roof with them.

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"Remember when we took off the wall in our living room?" the on-screen text read as the camera panned to the exposed brick wall as a photo then appeared of the flooring near the fireplace.

"Well the dust created from it brought us a new problem..."

"It seems we have a pet before we have even moved in," the text read as the photograph was zoomed in to show strange track-like prints going in all different directions.

"So, there's some sort of creature roaming around our living room in the night, only noticed because of all the dust!

But the tracks have left the couple scratching their heads as they asked TikTok: "Any ideas on what would leave tracks like this?"


it seems we have a pet before we have even moved in 🥲🥲 #creature #renovationproject #renovationseries #renovatingourhome #houseguest

Since posting a TikTok about the mystery, the video has been viewed 1.6m times, with over 36,000 likes and a number of comments from people who were entertained with the guessing game.

One person joked: "What in the Harry Potter?!! Your floor is a giant Marauder's Map!"

"A North American House Hippo- Theyre usually pretty peaceful, but can be agressive when provoked," another quipped.

Someone else added: "That's the path my grandparents took to school everyday."

"It's a teenager. Very rarely seen during the day. Night time is their natural habitat," a fourth person commented.

While other humorous replies also included: " It's clearly a tiny train," and "It's doby he needs a master."

"Who else rushed to the comments genuinely curious as to what people thought it might be and finding GOLD instead," someone wrote, pretty amused with everyone's guesses.

Though there were also some serious guesses too, with one person who thought it was "Some type of insect" like a moth, while another also commented that "Beetles make tracks like that.

While the "creature" made its mark with the track prints, can't imagine the couple will want to keep it in their final floor design.

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