This couple of 37 years are the sweetest voters you've ever seen


A married couple from Pennsylvania charmed CNN viewers by showing differences don't have to divide you.

As predictions show that the race will be close, it can be easy to resent the eventual narrow victory of the other side.

The unnamed couple, the wife voting for Donald Trump and the husband for Hillary Clinton were met by a CNN reporter on Tuesday as they queued to vote.

We're nullifying each other's vote.

Said the Husband. As his wife explained why Donald Trump was the best candidate in her opinion, her husband replied audibly.

Oh Jesus.

When asked why he's voting for Hillary Clinton, the man replies.

Because she's the best of the two. I don't think either one of them are capable of running the country.

The CNN reporter, highly bemused by this, double checks that they both love one another.

They replied 'yes', and the Trump supporter joked:

Because what are you going to do?

See the full clip below.

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