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Some people play Mozart to their child while it’s in the womb the better to educate it.

While it’s still uncertain whether or not this works, perhaps playing AC DC might make them a music aficionado.

Makelle Ahlin of Santaquin, Utah was shocked to see something unexpected on her latest ultrasound.

Ultrasounds usually tell you the sex of your baby, not their music tastes.

Yet Ahlin and her husband Jared were pleased to see their child holding up the devil rock sign from within the womb.

Ahlin posted an image of the scan on Friday.

Speaking to CBS news, Ahlin said:

My husband saw it first. He told the ultrasound tech to ‘go back’ as she was moving around…He said, ‘We need a picture of that.’ He was so excited by what he had just witnessed.

According to Ahlin, the first time the baby kicked was when she was listening to Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeroes, and the Lumineers on Spotify.

So not quite KISS, but in the right ballpark.


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