This woman has the worst mother-in-law of all time
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A pregnant woman claimed her mother in law found out the sex of her baby and then announced it to everyone but the expectant parents.


Writing an anonymous letter to agony aunt 'Dear Prudence', the woman fumed about her mother-in-law's sneaky tactics.

My doctor's staff was aware of our decision not to know he baby's sex, but after one sonogram I was surprised to see my mother-in-law at the office smiling ear to ear. A few days later I had messages from family members congratulating me on the baby girl I was having!

According to the woman, who signed off her letter 'Sad Mommy', her mother-in-law was a friend of the ultrasound technician, and she 'wheedled' the information out of them.

'Sad Mommy' promptly changed doctors mid-pregnancy and threatened the old clinic with legal action due to the betrayal.

To add to the injury caused by this breach of trust, 'Sad Mommy' claims that her mother-in-law did not apologise for the incident.

In fact, she reportedly said 'Sad Mommy' would be less selfish if she 'still had a mother'.

'Sad Mommy' was orphaned at the age of fourteen.

In response, she and her husband have excluded her from their 'birthing plan', and will not be telling anyone about the birth until they arrive home.

So why is 'Sad Mommy' writing to Dear Prudence? She's concerned she's been too vengeful.

As Dear Prudence replied:

You could consider yourself lucky your mother-in-law didn't pop out of the closet while you and your husband were trying to conceive.

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