Woman has a viral theory about feeling our 'lockdown age' and it makes total sense

Woman has a viral theory about feeling our 'lockdown age' and it makes total sense
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A woman has come up with a genius theory as to why we don’t feel our real age after lockdown and it makes total sense.

The Covid-19 lockdown was a strange and scary time for everyone, and for young people, it put some of the most formative years of our lives on hold.

In the UK, the first lockdown commenced in March 2020 as the virus began to spread among the population. Restrictive measures continued, on and off, for almost two years until we began “living with Covid” in February 2022.

On TikTok, one woman has gone viral for explaining why she still feels the same age she was when we entered lockdown. And, it seems a lot of other people agreed.

TikToker @macy.and.mia explained she feels like a “teenage adult”, saying: “I don’t know whether everyone else feels like this, but I think ever since lockdown happened, everyone should be younger than what they actually are.”

She continued: “I do not feel 22. I still feel about 16, 17. When it was lockdown, I was 18 and I feel like I haven’t aged from there.”

Explaining that lockdown felt like a “trance” where time didn’t feel “real”, she said she feels as though she hasn’t aged.


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Judging by the comments, it seems she’s not alone as many others chimed in with their thoughts on their “lockdown age”.

One person wrote: “Same!! I was 20 and the past four years have just merged into one.”

“I was literally 24 now I’m 28 I feel sick. Best thing about being millennial is we look younger though,” another said.

Someone else commented: “I know exactly what you mean! It was like a blip or something. Suddenly it's four years later but we’re still the same as we were pre-lockdown.”

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