Nurse calls out Covid patient seen shopping just hours after testing positive

Nurse calls out Covid patient seen shopping just hours after testing positive

A healthcare worker has captured the moment she apparently saw one of her Covid patients shopping despite needing to self-isolate because of the virus.

Posting on TikTok, the worker filmed the unknown patient’s shoes and her basket before panning the camera back to her disgruntled face.


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“When you see the patient that you swabbed earlier who tested positive for Covid in the line at Ross [an American discount department store],” she wrote.

“I told you to stay home and recover sis,” she added.

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Currently, those who test positive for Covid in America must self-isolate for five days if they don’t have any symptoms. They must then wear a mask for a further five days. Those with symptoms may have to isolate for the full 10 days.

So in either case, if you find out you have Covid your first point of call shouldn’t be nipping to the shops hours after coming down with the virus.

Reacting to the video, people despaired at the patient’s behaviour.

“I’ve given up on people having common sense, morals, and a conscience,” one said.

“It’s the audacity people have for me,” remarked another.

A third said: “I hope she noticed you and was the most embarrassed.”

While a fourth said the worker should have confronted the patient, writing: “Don’t be shy, call them out loudly.”

People go out and about when they know they have Covid? New fear unlocked.

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