9 creepy things to happen on live TV

9 creepy things to happen on live TV
Top 10 Creepy Videos of Scary Stuff You Should NEVER Watch

Live on-air TV segments don't always go as planned.

They can show unexpected moments playing out in the background, such as the time airport staff were caught doing the “flossing” dance before Queen Elizabeth II’s death was announced.

Another time, a man realised that his missing son, who they searched for 12 days, was hiding in his basement to avoid punishment for not exercising.

But what have been some of the eeriest things spotted on a live segment?

From haunted dolls to paranormal attacks, we rounded up 9 of the creepiest moments on live TV that must be seen to be believed.

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The spooky china doll

In a segment from ITV's This Morning, a couple was being interviewed about strange activity surrounding a china doll they got at a thrift store.

"I don't even want to touch [the doll]," the woman said.

Her husband received scratches on his arms and legs and sporadic fire alarm bursts often.

Although the hosts were skeptical, viewers believed the doll was starting to rock in its chair of its own accord.

A few weeks later, the doll appeared on the show with another owner, who claimed that the doll also scratched her.

My Haunted Doll Attacked My Husband | This

Zombie Emergency PSA

In 2013, some Americans were tricked into believing that Armageddon was much closer than it was by an unidentified prankster who found a way to hack into a Montana TV station's emergency broadcast system.

Once they got into the system, they detailed the rise in the undead and to not engage them.

Despite the initial worry, the prankster was fortunately apprehended.

Dish Nation - TV Station Gets Hacked with Zombie Apocalypse

Voice interruption of Queen Elizabeth's funeral

ITV was sharing live footage of the Queen's hearse on its way to West London like many outlets were doing.

But in a split moment, an unidentified, whispering female voice interrupted."The death is irreversible… The fact that she's trapped," the ghostly voice can be heard in the unverified clip of the coverage.

The male commentator paused briefly before continuing to narrate the hearse's journey, not acknowledging the eerie chatter.

Although some people on social media thought the voice was the late Princess Diana, the logical answer is that it is a crew member whispering something in the background, unaware that her microphone was on.

She was also probably talking about how much of a tragedy it is that the late monarch passed away and said that her death is, unfortunately, "irreversible".The audio evidently has been taken out of context, and it seems that the woman said "travelling" and not "trapped."

“The death is irreversible…. And the fact that she’s trapped.” - Queen Elizabeth Funeral

Jamaican paranormal attack

In 2010, a news crew in Jamaica was investigating an alleged ghost attack on a young boy. He claimed that the "duppy," which is the Jamaican word for ghost, was bugging him. He also said that it was a deceased friend who started haunting him.

The crew was shocked as it seemed that the boy was dragged around as onlookers tried to intervene and help.

Boy Attacked by Ghost on Camera NEWS STORY- Real or Fake?

The running shadow

As a football game was being broadcast at Bolivia's Hernando Siles Stadium in 2014, footage captured what appeared to be a shadow running fast in the bleachers.

It seemed that no one was really paying attention to the shadow. And what made it creepier is that the figure seemed to move through the fans and a barrier.

Although some people believe it was a footballer double exposed on camera, to this day, the cause of the ghoulish moment was never discovered.

The Mysterious Running "Ghost" of Bolivia. Hernando Siles Stadium in La Paz,

The dating game criminal

In an episode of the Dating Game in 1978, bachelorette Cheryl Bradshaw picked Rodney Alcala as her suitor.

Despite being a successful photographer, Alcala was eventually turned down by Bradshaw for his creepy behaviour.

But little did anyone know, Alcala was also a repeat criminal offender, tied to multiple murders in the 1970s. His rejection on the show may have been the precursor to three more murders of women.

Alcala is currently serving a life sentence, and the number of murders he committed is unknown.

Rodney James Alcala on the Dating

The man that summoned UFOs

In 2005, Ramon Watkins, the Las Vegas native who calls himself Yahweh, was being interviewed about how he learned to call upon the UFOs from the Old Testament. And as the broadcast was meant to essentially prove that he was a fraud, an ABC News reporter was confused after Watkins seemed to manifest orbs of orange light in the sky before disappearing.

"I can see it clear as day," the reporter said.

Watkins chimed in: "It wants to be seen."

Meet The Man Who Can Summon

The Steven McDaniel murder interview

In June 2011, Stephen McDaniel broke into the apartment of his downstairs neighbour and fellow Mercer College law school graduate Lauren Giddings.

He then murdered her and dismembered her body.

Some days later, friends of Giddings reported her missing, and a local news channel interviewed McDaniel as he was a neighbour to Giddings.

In his interview, McDaniel attempted to appear like a distraught neighbour who was shocked by his former classmate's disappearance.

But, he seemed to be more concerned about letting people know that he was unaware of what happened to Lauren Giddings and no witnesses saw anything than actually grieving Giddens.

He also seemed to have a bit of a breakdown when the reporter revealed that police found a body in the parking lot of the building.

Later on, officials found Giddings' torso in one of the apartment building's dumpsters.

McDaniel is serving a life sentence without parole.


The Southern Television broadcast interruption

In November 1977, the UK-based network's evening news was interrupted when the audio for the broadcast was replaced by a voice that claimed to represent the 'Ashtar Galactic Command."

The voice relayed a six-minute-long message instructing all of humanity to abandon its weapons to participate in a 'future awakening" for a "higher state of evolution.'

After the six minutes, the broadcast went back to the scheduled programming.

Investigations that proceeded after showed that the Hannington transmitter of the Independent Broadcasting Authority had rebroadcast the signal from a small but closeby unauthorised transmitter instead of the intended source at the Rowridge transmitting station.

The hoaxer was never discovered.

Southern Television broadcast interruption - United Kingdom Nov. 26,

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