A woman has taken to TikTok to share a creepy encounter after a man followed her 5 miles home to tell her she was pretty.

Social worker, Kenny (@buzzcutkenny), titled the viral clip: “I hate males WHY WOULD THIS EVER BE OK”, before elaborating on her bizarre experience.

She started by saying, “At this point, I’m sorry, but men should not have rights”, to which she later clarified in the comments that “I don’t actually think men shouldn’t have rights, holy sh*t: y’all are just terrifying.”

“So I just got home and there was a car who pulled up behind me, right, which is fine because I live in an apartment complex and that’s normal,” she explained.

“But this car wedges itself between me and the parking garage, and there’s a man in it. He motions for me to roll my window down, so I did and I was like, ‘Can I help you?’”

The man asked the young woman if she lived in the apartment block, to which Kenny instinctively lied and said “no”, she was visiting a friend.

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I hate males WHY WOULD THIS EVER BE OK #creepy #men #scarymen

In a creepy turn of events, he said he had been “following [her] for five miles” after spotting her at the traffic lights and wanted to tell her she was pretty.

Kenny raged: “In what f**king world is that appropriate?”

The TikTok has received nearly 300k views, but unfortunately, some users couldn’t distinguish the difference between paying a compliment and straight-up stalking.

One outrageous comment suggested she “should be grateful he thinks [she’s] pretty.” He said: “Like you should be grateful he thinks you’re pretty. And the fact you start talking sh*t about men on an app made by men!”

Another riled up user commented, “Say thank you and move on.”

Naturally, fellow TikTokers slammed their ignorance. “What the hell is wrong with you? He followed her and then asked her if she lived there. He had ulterior motives.”

“When women generalise men, feelings get hurt. When men generalise women, women get murdered - or worse,” one commented, while another said that: “Men need to check their privilege and priorities.”

Another highlighted, “Male privilege makes them think this is acceptable. They don’t think twice because they can’t relate to fearing for their safety.”

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