This cruise ship is being compared to a 'human lasagne'

This cruise ship is being compared to a 'human lasagne'
Royal Caribbean's first Icon of the Seas sailing from Florida sold out …
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Royal Caribbean has given the first look at a new cruise ship which includes the "largest waterpark at sea" but the ocean liner has gone viral after the design was uniquely described as a "human lasagne."

The Icon of the Seas cruise ship holds a maximum capacity of 7,600 guests, and has seven pools in an "all-you-can-swim buffet", along with six record-breaking slides - all while the ship travels from Miami to the Caribbean.

Though these features didn't impress Twitter user Heidi Stephen who shared with her followers how she "Can't stop looking at this picture of a new Royal Caribbean cruise ship," because she described the liner as "Absolutely my idea of hell."

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"My son described it as 'human lasagne," she added giving her son credit for the creative comparison.

It seems plenty of people agree with her son's astute observation as Heidi's tweet has gone viral with nearly 79,000 likes.

Some agreed with the image was reminiscent of a lasagna (the floating kind).

While some felt the cruise ship looked more like a cake.

The bright colours and different components caused people to liken it to a toy set.

Sims taking notes on a cruise ship mod...

Actor Josh Gad - who stars in the sci-fi comedy series Avenue 5 which is all about a space cruise ship of the same name - jokingly tweeted to the show's creator Armando Iannucci: "Hey @Aiannucci did you realize when we were making #Avenue5 it was a Documentary?"

Elsewhere people had suggestions as to what series should use the Icon of the Sea as a location such as Resident Evil and The White Lotus.

Given the liner will be the world's largest passenger ship ever built with a gross tonnage of 250,800, people are perplexed as to how it can float on water.

While many roasted the ship, there were some who said the cruise looked like "fun."

Icon of the Seas' maiden voyage is scheduled to take place in January 2024, and the first sailing managed to sell out in less than 24 hours, Fox 35 Orlando reported.

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