Passenger expresses frustration following cancellation of Norwegian Escape cruise

A video of a woman getting stuck in a transparent water slide hanging over the ocean on a cruise is going viral on TikTok and people are freaked out.

The video posted by @ymg_travels depicts passengers on the ship deck watching anxiously as a woman begins going down the water slide and around the loop, only to lose momentum and slide back down getting stuck at the bottom of the slide.

To make matters worse, the transparent slide hangs over the ocean, making the potential disaster even more frightening.

When the woman realizes what happened she moves away from the part that hangs over the ocean. Like a fish stuck in a fishbowl, there doesn't appear to be a way out.


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Commenters flooded to the comment section to express their anxiety while watching the video.

"I'm having trouble breathing just watching this," TikToker @ae_795 commented.

"Omg my biggest fears unlocked", user @din_2210 said.

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Many imagined how claustrophobic the woman may have felt being stuck in the water slide. Luckily the creator of the video said a small door in the side of the slide allows for crew members to retrieve any people who may get trapped in the water slide.

It seems the woman was unharmed.

"My heart rate accelerated watching this. Stuck in a clear tube suspended over the ocean... NOPE!!!" TikToker @1providencia commented.

"This is reason 356 why I don't do slides," user @coolhair55 said.

@ymg_travels posted a follow-up video several hours later showing users what the looping slide really looks like in action on the Norwegian Cruise Line.


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The TikToker is a travel agent and certified cruise counselor. Her video of the woman getting stuck has over 14 million views.

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