Guy asks boss if he can decorate cubicle - gives it wood paneling and stove

Guy asks boss if he can decorate cubicle - gives it wood paneling and stove


As more and more people head back into the office after working at home during the pandemic, it's apparent that work-life is not as we left it nearly two years ago.

Many of us have gotten accustomed to propping open our laptop in our bedroom or home office and are used to having our own set up exactly as we like.

Being back in the office, our at-home preferences typically don't transfer to the way we decorate the joint working environment—and there isn't much room to showcase some personality.

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Sure, we might be able to purchase a plant or two that we're able to gaze at throughout the day to make it more home-y. Or some even enjoy adding some stylish stationery to their desk, but it's nearly impossible to make any drastic customizations.

That is, it's at least impossible to the average Joe.

Recently, a boss to Twitter to share a story about how a new employee asked if he could decorate his cubical, to which he agreed; and the results of the makeover will blow your mind.

Mike Beckham, CEO of Simple Modern tweeted, "Recently one of our newest team members asked if he could decorate his cubical. When I said yes, I wasn't expecting this..."

Yep, that is wood paneling and a stuffed moose head that you're seeing.

The CEO shared another look at the office space in a follow-up tweet.

"That's a full wood cabin motif including a stove, hardwood floor, and stuffed moose head, " he tweeted.

"He told me afterward that he actually held back a bit. He had bought an authentic cabin chandelier but realized it was a bit much just before he hung it."

Luckily, the employee didn't get in trouble for his little project, and instead was actually praised by the CEO in the best way.

"Congrats @lucas_mundt, you win employee decorator of the year. We all salute you!" he wrote. "Having creative teammates like you is one of the things I enjoy most about Simple Modern."

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