Dad thought he was 'dating Lady Gaga' – until daughter revealed all

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A woman was forced to burst her father's bubble after he revealed he was dating someone online. However, there was one slight issue: the woman-in-question was a catfish pretending to be an A-list celebrity.

In a viral tweet making the rounds across Twitter, daughter Ronnie (@stahppitrahn) wrote: "My dad told me he's dating someone online so I asked for a picture of her and he sent me this."

Along with the tweet, the daughter posted a candid photograph of Lady Gaga while filming her award-winning movie, A Star is Born.

Ronnie wished she was joking and shared a screenshot of her and her father's conversation.

In response to the photo, Ronnie bluntly penned: "That's Lady Gaga."

The tweet received thousands of responses, likes and retweets, with many urging Ronnie for more of the story.

"HE DIDNT SAY ANYTHING ELSE," she replied to eager followers before adding: "We’ve been through this song and dance before with him being catfished so he probably just thinks I’m being a jerk."

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Unfortunately, this isn't the first time (and won't be the last) someone was the target of a catfish.

A woman in India believed she was about to marry Prince Harry and attempted to sue the Duke of Sussex for not honouring his "promise".

In 2021, Palwinder Kaur was convinced she was exchanging emails with Harry – but lawyers weren't buying it. The woman even attempted to file an arrest warrant so that she and Harry can get married immediately.

Punjab and Haryana High Court believed it was a scammer working from a cyber café somewhere within the country.

Justice Arvind Singh Sangwan dismissed Kaur’s plea.

"This petition is nothing but just a daydreamer’s fantasy about marrying Prince Harry," the judge said.

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