Dad and daughter rewarded after 'controversial' Super Bowl ad 'stole' their idea

Dad and daughter rewarded after 'controversial' Super Bowl ad 'stole' their idea
With Super Bowl finished, eyes turn to NFL Draft in Detroit
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A father and daughter, who accused a skincare company of stealing their ad during the Super Bowl commercial break, have now joined teams for a paid partnership.

Turning to TikTok with their initial concerns, Sharon Mbabazi and her stepdad wrote: "When Cetaphil’s Super Bowl commercial copies your TikToks."

They opted for the popular audio taken from Euphoria, saying: "Wait, is this f***ing play about us?"

Cetaphil's ad-in-question features a daughter (who initially had no interest in football) and her dad trying to bond with her over the sport.

The daughter's interest piques when "the most famous fan" is referenced on TV, seemingly hinting at Taylor Swift who watched her partner Travis Kelce during Sunday's game.

The Cetaphil ad concludes with: "This season, dads and daughters found a new way to connect. Let’s celebrate that GAME TIME glow."


and it is!! #cetaphilsuperbowlcommercial #superbowlcommercial #swifttok #swifties #fyp #superbowl

The TikTok duo since claimed the company took inspiration from one of their TikTok videos.

In the original upload, Mbabazi records herself applying makeup when her stepfather walks in and reads stats from his phone.

"My stepdad has been updating me on Taylor and Travis every day since Sunday," the text overlay reads.

“OK, ready?” he asks, to which she replies: "For?"

"Since Taylor Swift showed up to Sunday’s Chiefs Bears game, 400 per cent spike in Travis Kelce’s jersey sales. Kelce’s podcast now is number one overall on Apple. Kelce added 383,000 new Instagram followers. 24.3 million viewers watched the game, number one for the week. 63 per cent jump in female viewers aged 18 to 49. Three times increase in the Chiefs’ searches on the web. And lastly, the Chiefs sold more tickets in a single day since the start of the season," the father responds.


Replying to @user7270110434048 @Cetaphil US #superbowlcommercial #cetaphilsuperbowlcommercial #swifttok #swifties #fyp #trending

The pair went on to share their reaction to the ad, claiming: "My daughter made the content that you stole. I don’t know if you paid somebody, your marketing department, if you’ve hired a company to make the commercial, all’s they did, bar for bar, took my daughter’s content."

However, in a wholesome turn of events, the pair have now partnered up with the brand who offered them a Cetaphil Creator partnership.


Yesterday’s pregame chat with my stepdad 🤣 he loves barging into my room. #CetaphilPartner #GameTimeGlow #CetaphilFamily #ad

"So pumped to welcome you to the Cetaphil Creator Fam, Sharon," the brand responded to their clip.

Another added: "So glad to see this worked out for both sides in the end!!"

Meanwhile, a third TikToker wrote: "Such a great move by @Cetaphil US - love that this worked out!"

Indy100 reached out to Cetaphil for comment

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