Dad’s reaction to surprise gift from his family may be the sweetest thing you’ll see this week

<p>The heartwarming clip is just what we all needed </p>

The heartwarming clip is just what we all needed


Let’s face it, it’s been a tough week. First the Euro 2020 final, then the horrific fallout that ensued, all while Covid cases continue to rage.

But sometimes, just sometimes, we find things to remind us that life really isn’t all bad.

A video shared on social media is just one example of this – showing the warmth of human kindness and affection.

The clip, posted on Reddit’s ‘Wholesome Moments’ thread, shows a dad in the middle of a treasure hunt organised by his partner and young daughter.

In it, he can be heard reading out riddles from scraps of paper as he walks around his house, trailed by his excited little girl, searching for more clues.

Finally, he reaches the last one, telling him the location of his “final prize”.

As he walks to the bathroom to claim it, he teases his two companions, saying: “You and your mum are the worst at surprises [...] You guys get more excited than the person that’s receiving the surprise.”

But no sooner does he utter these words than he shrieks with shock and delight.

Behind the door, placed on the sink, is a brand new PlayStation 5.

He continues his peals of joy as he does a little celebratory dance while his two loved-ones giggle happily in the background.

Still, no matter how excited he is about his gift, rather than immediately rush over and grab it he turns and picks up his beaming daughter for a big hug and a flurry of kisses.

The Reddit post racked up more than 90,000 likes and 1,400 comments in just 13 hours, as viewers voiced their delight at the scene.

“I love that he grabbed his kid for a hug before [going] for the PS5,” one wrote.

“That was the best part of this whole thing. The way he loved on her validated her absolute peak excitement about seeing her daddy get something fun. Man’s got his priorities set right,” said another.

“This is the kind of man that waits until everyone is at the table before he takes a bite of dinner. Love seeing the love here,” mused a third.

While a fourth commented: “[It] made me so ridiculously happy when suddenly his voice changed from this baritone to … squealing! Freaking love this! I keep rewatching … you don’t get to encounter joy like that much after childhood.”

And a fifth said simply: “There is lots of love in that house, you can tell.”

We can tell, yes. And we’re not crying, you’re crying...

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