Deliveroo roasted for its ‘flavourless’ Christmas dinner photo

Deliveroo roasted for its ‘flavourless’ Christmas dinner photo

Christmas is but one sleep away so it is likely people are thinking about what they want to eat on the big day.

But in trying to join in with the festive planning, Deliveroo has been roasted more than any potato on Christmas ever could be, after it posted a photo of a Christmas dinner that looked more resistible than irresistible.

Posting on Twitter, the food delivery service left people reaching for their salt and pepper mills after they posted a photo of a dismal plate of food and asked people what was missing.

But responding to them, people thought the only thing that was missing was flavour and better gravy apparently as they mercilessly rinsed Deliveroo.

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Even Marmite got involved with the festive teasing and joked that even they could not make the meal any better.

“Not now Marmite”, Deliveroo replied:

And ramping up their defence, when someone said the stuffing looked “like turds”, Deliveroo said they should seek medical help:

Then, they appeared to suggest they had garnered the controversy on purpose:

Poor Deliveroo - even as Christmas approaches people can’t help themselves but inject a dose of cynicism into an otherwise cheery day.

A spokesperson from Deliveroo said, “The contents of a Christmas dinner has to be one of the most divisive questions out there when it comes to Brits. Yorkshire puddings or not? Brussel sprouts yay or nay? We love to have fun with our followers and what better way to kick off the festive season than posing that very question. The response was incredible and proves once and for all that the debate over the ultimate Christmas plate is alive and well!”

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