The man who got a 'private jet' experience tricked everybody

It appears that the world was hoodwinked by the viral video of a man who claimed he got an unexpected private jet experience when nobody else booked on his flight.

Vincent Peone, a writer and director from New York City, claimed he switched flights and was stunned to discover there was nobody else on the aeroplane.

Yet in a tweet on Friday, Peone clarified things and revealed that it was all an elaborate hoax which gave him 15 minutes of internet fame.

Thank you Delta for an awesome experience last week. My video is 100% true… and then I stopped filming.

After the private jet broke down again with mechanical problems, I took a normal one the following morning.

The footage I have tells a short, funny, and positive story – because those are the kind of stories I like to tell.

I make comedy! Consider it the Director’s cut. I had some laughs with the amazing crew while living the dream.

The story took off fast, but the plane didn’t.

Good news for the environment, bad news for those of us who want our viral stories to be entirely honest.

HT Gizmodo

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