Conservative talk show hosts says there's 'no secular argument' against adult incest

Conservative talk show hosts says there's 'no secular argument' against adult incest
Far-right radio host Dennis Prager says 'there were many very nice slaveholders'

Conservative talk show host Dennis Prager claimed that there is "no secular argument" against incest in adults.

On Tuesday's episode of The Dennis Prager Show on Salem Radio Network, the host referenced the Bible and said that the holy book is "right, or the left is right" because "they can't both be right."

"That's why you can't be a serious Jew or Christian and be a leftist. You can be a liberal, you can be a conservative, but you can't be a leftist. Just on this issue alone. You just would have to say the Bible's wrong, and you're right," he said in a video shared on Media Matters.

And then he got into the topic of incest in adults, noting that there is no argument against it.

"There's no secular argument against adult incest. Brother and sister want to make love. What's your argument?" Prager said.

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"That they're going to produce mentally r******* offspring? That's nonsense. It takes many generations of inbreeding to do that. There is no secular argument against adult consensual incest," he continued before adding that the religious argument for this is that "sex" doesn't enter "family life" as it's a "big taboo."

Once the video hit social media, people didn't hesitate to express how disturbed they were.

One person on Twitter wrote: "Another example of 'Christian values."

"Just can't believe that anyone would listen to this drivel," another added.

Someone else simply added: "You know I go my whole life without talking about incest unless it's a reaction to someone else bringing it up. Never on my mind. Never talk or think about it. Would never occur to me to have a philosophy about it."

Check out other reactions below.

This isn't the only time Prager has made alarming statements.

In September, he sparked outrage online after claiming that there were "undoubtedly many nice slaveholders" who treated people "beautifully."

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