Entire section of department store quits at the same time because of a manager

Entire section of department store quits at the same time because of a manager
Legislation to help Starbucks workers unionize

Small businesses in the US were majorly affected by Covid-19, with some closing amid the pandemic.

Some couldn't re-open their stores after the mandates were lifted, which eventually caused many retail stores to be understaffed. Employees can quickly feel stressed as they deal with an increase of customers looking to forget society's "new normal."

With this stress, some employees decided to leave their jobs all together, leaving businesses in a frenzy as they tried to fill the positions. They may even provide incentives for the roles like free iPhones to potential workers.

Still, it seems that whatever was being done to keep employees happen at a Virginia shoe department didn't appear to work because they all quit at once.

In a video uploaded to TikTok posted by @garwood8812, she highlighted all of the staff members from the Lynchburg store location appearing to resign together without hesitation.

In the video, the content creator pans her smartphone camera on the faces of many employees as she asks them how they are getting on.

Some of the workers appeared happy to leave the job, which became troublesome.

"OK, so, the whole shoe department crew is leaving…," @garwood8812 said in the video before letting each co-worker talk on camera.

The video's caption read: "To our DM, we all hated you, and don't forget to fix those window displays. Shoe department, you've been real, you've been fun, but you sure as hell haven't been real fun."


When the entire staff decides to quit the shoe department in a matter of minutes. To our DM, we all hated you and dont forget to fix those window displays 😉. Shoe department youve been real, youve been fun, but you sure as hell havent been real fun ✌🏻 #greenscreenvideo #shoedeptencore #shoedept #Buffering #seeyanever

As noted by Distractify, a TikTok live stream featuring some of the staff members and it appeared that they all quit the job partly due to the way a district manager behaved, who they said they couldn't stand.


Going live at 8:35!! #greenscreenvideo #shoedept #quitonspot #storytime

Many commenters who saw @garwood8812's video urged them group gave them praise, while some urged them to unionise as there's been a growing interest on a national level for workers in other industries to follow suit.

Elsewhere, The Hill covered the recent surge in discussions about the benefits of starting and being a part of labour unions in the US.

However, it cited how many state laws prevented people from taking this course of action.

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