DJ Khaled standing up has become an all-purpose meme

Breanna Robinson
Wednesday 28 April 2021 20:38
(Getty Images for MTV)

Forget the “congratulations, you played yourself” meme and his “We The Best” catchphrase, DJ Khaled is now the subject of new iconic  meme.

A video clip of the American DJ and record producer surfaced of him drinking a green drink out of a glass and became the meme prompt for the “when you suddenly remember something” moments.

The clip, which is floating around most social media platforms, shows Khaled sitting at a table by a body of water with a lot of greenery around him. In one hand, he has a green drink and the other a coconut. He then abruptly gets off of his chair and looks into the distance at something we can’t see.

Over the past week,  Khaled’s reaction in this clip has applied to a lot of life’s ordinary end daily remembrance and forgetfulness such as relaxing but then realizing you have to walk your dog to babysitting and then realizing the kids are way too quiet.

Check out some of the memes below.

The longer version of this video is posted to Khaled’s Instagram since April 11.

The mysterious green drink in his hand is called “Ciroc Kryptonite,” which is his collaboration with Diddy. Is not entirely clear as to what is in it besides “summer citrus” and he is drinking it out of a coconut. The flavor is also enough to make him fly off of his chair and stare into the distance.

DJ Khaled is releasing his new album KHALED KHALED on Friday, April 30.

Beyonce is also a rumored feature.