<p>TikToker @triphat.sahi reveals what learned from working with dying patients.</p>

TikToker @triphat.sahi reveals what learned from working with dying patients.


Doctors interact with patients on their death bed on a regular basis and one doctor has shared the biggest regret people have in their final moments.

TikToker, @triphat.sahi, has shared an important life lesson she has learned through looking after dying patients.

You can watch the full video here.

Sometimes life can be overwhelming and we can focus and get bogged down on the little things rather than seeing the bigger picture or put off something we’ve always want to do or achieve and the TikToker’s advice directly addresses this.

She said: “Take this from someone that works with dying patients every day… literally, they’re on their death bed waiting to die. Stop worrying about what other people think of you.

“Stop worrying about what they’re gonna think of you if you try doing something, if you try working towards your dreams,” she added.

“Just stop thinking about what other people think of you because you do not – trust me – you do not want to be on your death bed looking back at your life and thinking… wow, I lived my life for someone else, to fulfil other people’s happiness and to fulfil other people’s wants and desires, and I never had the courage to do what I actually wanted to do in life.”

The video has now received over 244,000 views and 40,000 likes, with hundreds of comments from people sharing their thoughts on the advice.

One person wrote: “Regret is my biggest fear, and I’m glad it is.”

“True. On their deathbed people don’t regret the things they have done as much as the things they haven’t done,” another person commented.

Someone else replied: “When I am on my deathbed, I sincerely hope I’m not lying there think about my regrets! I would just like a peaceful death.”

“Thank you for this reminder! I struggle with social anxiety so this is something I’m working on,” a fourth person said.

Though, there were also people who had further questions on the topic, one person in particular asked: “How do the dying feel about death? Are they terrified?”

@tripat.sahi responds to a question about how dying patients feel about death.TikTok/tripat.sahi

To which the TikToker responded in another video: “Most of them have accepted that their time is near and so they’ve been reflective on the life that they’ve lived and how fulfilling their life has been.

For others, they’re in a lot of pain so they’re usually on a lot of painkillers and sleeping the majority of the day. But the ones that are still coherent and can still talk and have conversations they’re usually pretty jolly and happy and want to share their knowledge and their lessons.”

Don’t know about you, but this advice has made us feel very reflective.

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