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Do you remember the kid's TV show Lassie?

It was a show about a dog that could do anything and save anyone from even the most perilous of situations.

Well, it appears that Lassie isn't just a work of fiction.

When Kaylyn Marie accidentally locked herself out of her house there were little options available to her.

She could have broken a window or forced an entry, but the most obvious route out of this situation was to ask her dog, Sam, to rescue her.

All Sam needed to do was remove a wooden block that was preventing the door from being opened.

After much encouragement and a few failed attempts, Sam succeeded - much to the jubilation of Kaylyn.

We think we can all agree that Sam is a very good boy and fully deserving of the 10,000 treats he is about to receive.

Sam now has an Instagram account which already has 2,116 followers and he is basically just the absolute best.

To take a leaf out of We Rate Dogs book, we are awarding Sam 15/10.

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