Dogs at polling stations are back and they do not disappoint

Chris J Ratcliffe/Getty Images

We are happy to report that the time honoured tradition of dogs at polling stations are back (as if there was a danger of them ever going away).

There are few things left to be positive about in terms of politics, but the sight of a happy hound is bound to raise a smile, no matter what end of the political spectrum you reside on.

It's easily the best and proudest tradition that Britain has managed to hold intact.

With this year's local elections taking place as we speak here are some of the finest pooches that have cropped up on social media.

A few politicians have taken their dogs along to vote too.

Remember it's not just dogs who can enjoy the fun of the polling station. Cats have been inspecting who has been ticking which boxes too.

Sadly there is no sign of any horses or tortoises like there was during the last general election.

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