Comedian tears Dominic Raab to shreds for linking Game of Thrones to 'take the knee'

Comedian tears Dominic Raab to shreds for linking Game of Thrones to 'take the knee'

Dominic Raab sparked outrage earlier this week when he claimed that the 'take the knee' stance that associated with the Black Lives Matter movement came from Game of Thrones.

The foreign secretary made this completely false association during an interview with Julia Hartley-Brewer on TalkRadio where he also added that he would only take the knee for two people those being the Queen and his wife when he asked her to marry him.

The Tory minister was scorned for these completely tone-deaf comments which ignored the much of what the Black Lives Matter movement is about due to some confusion with a Game of Thrones episode that he must have watched a few years ago.

However, none were more scathing than Michael Spicer's latest Room Next Door sketch, where he pretends to tell politicians what to say from a remote location, only for it to got disastrously wrong.

As Spicer attempts to guide Raab through the interview, he loses his mind and becomes virtually speechless at his Game of Thrones comments. At one point he bellows:

I can't believe I have to tell the foreign secretary this but taking the knee has nothing to do with Game of Thrones much like your career has nothing to do with having talent, ability or a soul.

When Raab then reveals who he would take the knee for, Spicer appears to have some sort of seizure and collapses as the video comes to an end.

As with many of these sketches, it has proven very popular has been watched more than two million times with even Labour MP, Dawn Butler sharing it.

While we hope that no MP makes this kind of faux pax again we do hope that Spicer get's more chances to produce sketches like this as they never fail to make us laugh.

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