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This man, who is definitely not looking for some pizza freebies, claims he lost weight eating a daily Dominos pizza.

Brian Northrup, who calls himself 'Lord of Pizza' on Instagram, looks, based on his photos, absolutely shredded.

He also claims his secret is a daily dose of Dominos for an entire year.

Of course, he also did a lot of exercise to burn off all that cheese and sauce.

Posting on Instagram on 28 July, his lordshop posted this image, to commemorate his 364th day on the diet.

And he even carried on, beyond the 52 weeks.

In the caption, he claims he lost 5.9 lbs (2.6 kg) in a year.

For those crying out 'bullsh*t' at this claim, his Instagram documents each daily pizza, and his progression.

His loyalty as a customer was often rewarded.

30 days in

Which shows he already had abs, and the pizza did not destroy them.

350 days in

Pasquale Cozzolino, an executive chef in an Italian restaurant, went on a similar pizza based health trip.

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