Donald Trump’s most controversial tweets since becoming president


Donald Trump has reached the 100-day mark. That's 100 days of head-scratching, baffling, offensive and often trolling tweets from the President of the United States.

What better way than to celebrate than by recapping some of his worst?

There was the time Trump accused Obama of "wiretapping" him, and we're still waiting to hear any evidence of that:

When he said this:

There was the time he confused "foreign policy" for "irresponsibly heckling a country demonstrating serious threat":

And again...

When the US president took time out of his day to say Snoop Dog's career was "failing":

When he shared this, seemingly without consideration for what he might be able to do to help the situation:

When a judge overruled Trump's ridiculous, hostile and severely misjudged "travel ban" he said this:

When Trump assured us the wall will still be built to "stop drugs, human trafficking, etc":

And when he talked about Mexicans like they weren't even people:

When he suggested libel laws should change because the New York Times reports news:

When he threatened lawyers with taking them to court...Where they work:

Here's to another 100 days!

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