Someone is photoshopping the Trump robots into real life scenarios and it's disturbing

Born Miserable/Twitter

In late 2017 Disney unveiled their Donald Trump robot in the Hall of Presidents at their Magic Kingdom Park.

The animatronic creation looked absolutely terrifying and much stranger than the actual POTUS.

Since then, the Trump robot has become a meme of its own and has been widely mocked on Twitter.

One Twitter user, who operates under the alias Born Miserable, has taken this a step further and has been photoshopping the robot into several real situations that Mr Trump has found himself in.

The results are hilarious, disturbing and surreal all at the same time and have subsequently gone viral.

It all started with this trio...

And has grown from there.

Here is Robo-Trump with Mike Pence and Paul Ryan.

Robo-Trump holding an orb in Saudi Arabia.

Robo-Trump enjoying a round of golf.

Robo-Trump in a truck.

Robo-Trump in one of the real Trump's most controversial moments.

Robo-Trump with Jimmy Fallon.

Robo-Trump with Kid Rock, Sarah Palin and Ted Nugent.

And finally, Robo-Trump during the infamous debate with Hillary Clinton.

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