Donald Trump speech uploaded to PornHub as 'rich white man f***s the entire country at once'


Warning: This article is obviously of a NSFW nature.

Someone has uploaded Donald Trump's inauguration video to PornHub.

No, really.

The following image has been doing the rounds on social media:

The image, shows what appears to be a video upload to the adult streaming website, titled:

Rich white man f---s the entire country at once.

PornHub vice-president Corey Price clarified the situation to the Observer last week:

The Donald Trump image was a video screenshot that someone turned into a meme, not a real upload.

So... was the inauguration ever uploaded to PornHub?


After the screengrab was circulated, the real thing was uploaded to the website:

Picture:Picture: PornHub/screengrab

For everybody's viewing pleasure.

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