Viral TikTok captures DoorDash driver ‘throwing a tantrum’ over time it takes to prepare order

Viral TikTok captures DoorDash driver ‘throwing a tantrum’ over time it takes to prepare order

A TikTok that allegedly shows a DoorDash delivery driver screaming because the order he’s due to deliver is taking too long to get ready has sparked a debate about the industry.

In a video posted by TikTok user Ashley, who uses the username @thatashleygirlk, she claims a DoorDash driver was causing a commotion while waiting for the food.

A person can be heard screaming: “You are so selfish! Do you know the amount of damage you’re causing small businesses?”

Text overlaid on the video reads: “Door dash driver pitching a fit because he has had to wait 20 min for his order.”

In the caption of the clip, Ashley said she would not be ordering from the food delivery platform any time soon.

The incident took place at a Sonic restaurant drive-thru. Follow up TikToks posted by Ashley suggest a male customer went to go and check on the distressed delivery driver, who was shouting at no one.

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The driver explained to the man: “There’s an order I need to pick up and I’m not paid by paycheck, I’m paid by commission … Unethical corporate scum are just so selfish.”


PART 1 won't be ordering from door dash anytime soon #doordash #doordashdriver

In the US, DoorDash delivery drivers earn a base wage of between $2 and $10 an hour, calculated based on a number of factors including demand, time and distance. In July, drivers went on strike demanding a higher base pay.

Drivers are also expected to cover their own petrol, insurance and vehicle maintenance, as well as any parking or driving costs incurred while doing their job.

TikTok users began debating in the comments about the incident, with some understanding the driver’s anger over the system.

One person sided with the driver, writing: “That’s his time and money being thrown away.”

Another reasoned: “Y’all ever have a bad day and then one small thing just makes you lose it? I feel like that is what this was.”

But, others felt the driver was overreacting and accused them of “throwing a tantrum”.

At this time, DoorDash is unable to confirm whether the person heard in the clip was one of their delivery drivers.

A spokesperson for DoorDash told indy100: “All members of the DoorDash community are expected to treat one another with respect, and the behaviour in this video is very concerning. We are actively investigating this and will take all appropriate action.”

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