DoorDash driver goes viral after revealing delivery request from 700 miles away

DoorDash driver goes viral after revealing delivery request from 700 miles away

There’s no denying the convenience of food delivery services, but one alleged request left one driver particularly baffled.

TikToker Kaelum Grant (@kaelumgrantt) from Ohio revealed that he received a delivery request for a person all the way over in Rhode Island - which is approximately 741.1 miles away.

And how much would Kaelum’s receive for making this day-long road trip?

Just a measly $9.25.

Unsurprisingly, Kaelum was not up for an adventure and hilariously reacted to the request in a TikTok that has now gone viral. He also had a message for the Rhode Island customer waiting for their food.


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“If you live in Rhode Island and you just ordered Godavari off DoorDash, make a sandwich ’cause you ain’t gonna get your food, your food is not arriving tonight,” he said.

“That meal is as good as gone. Forget about it, ain’t nobody bringing that food. They’re trying to send me on an adventure. 741.1 miles for $9.25? I should’ve came with the right hook with me oh my gosh,” Kaelum added.

The TikToker was even more surprised at the estimated delivery time the app suggested.

“Deliver by 9.53pm, when Wednesday?” he questioned. “It’s not going to be tonight - what are you talking about 9.53pm? Do you not know distance? That’s crazy bro.”

Since sharing his crazy delivery request, Kaelum’s TikTok has been viewed 4.5m times, and received 1.3m likes.

Along with this, there have been thousands of comments from people questioning how Kaelum ended up with the order.

One person wrote: “bro 700 miles HOW.”

“They tryna send you on a road trip” another person said.

Someone else asked: “What type of car does DoorDash think you have?”

“They expecting the flash to deliver that?” A fourth person jokingly questioned.

While others questioned how on earth the order was given to Kaelum in the first place or how the customer was able to make the request.

One person said: “How they even let them order.”

“They’re probably on vacation and just forgot to change the address,” another person wrote.

Someone else added: “Bro was probably high or drunk. I did it once, had to give my driver $12 to bring it from my mom’s house that’s across the city from me, plus a tip,”

“They forgot to turn off their VPN,” a fourth person replied.

A DoorDash spokesperson told indy100: “What’s described in this video is certainly not intentional, and we are actively investigating this.

“We always seek to provide accurate information to Dashers for each delivery, which is why we provide information on earnings and mileage before a Dasher even accepts an order.”

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