DoorDash driver roasts customer who ordered a single packet of Skittles

DoorDash driver roasts customer who ordered a single packet of Skittles

Who knew a pack of Skittles could cause so much controversy?

A New York City DoorDash worker’s video is going viral after he received one ridiculous order: a single bag of Skittles.

Make no mistake, Skittles are great, but they’re not exactly order via DoorDash instead of just going out to purchase one yourself level of great—if you know what we mean.

To do so would signify an intense craving of some sort or a newfound (but at times, relatable) sense of laziness.

TikTok user @abdulfromthecut shared a clip of his reaction to the order from his car, exclaiming that the customer “must be high as hell.”

He also noted that the Walgreens order came in at 1pm—so late-night cravings clearly were the motivator behind this.

He captioned the video, “High orders on a cold New York Night.”


High orders on a cold New York Night #DoorDash #High #Brooklyn #GlobalWarming

“One Skittle?!” he says in disbelief in the TikTok. “I’m not complaining, I’ll take my money but sh*t this is what is causing the f*cking global warming, Ok? Motherf*ckers not wanting to go outside for their own sh*t. Shaking my head.”

It’s an order that’s sure to stick with the food delivery worker for a while.

In the comments, some people agreed that it was an extremely bizarre order while others sided with the customer.

“I’m pregnant and have cravings sometimes that I just can’t fight off and I feel like people need to mind their business,” said one person.

Another wrote, “I order McDonald's that’s .2 miles away every morning and I know they’re judging me.”

“Bro just bring me the damn skittles…is this what they are doing when the dot stops moving,” another wrote.

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“Someone really thought ‘you know what sounds fire rn.. skittles’ and just couldn't get past the thought lmao,” one laughed.

Another person made a valid point: “maybe they had Covid and was just craving the sweets.”

Many people also pointed out what could only be assumed as the high cost of this purchase.

“Man just paid 15$ for a small bag of skittles probably lmao,” wrote one person.

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