Woman catches DoorDasher pretending to take a drop-off picture and steal her food

Mother called 'stupid b*******' by pizza delivery driver after falling to sleep

A woman watched her DoorDash delivery driver steal her late-night Taco Bell order - and even fake a drop-off picture.

Bela, who goes by @bela.bands on TikTok, took to the platform to showcase security camera footage of the incident.

"That one time I drunkenly doordashed Taco Bell at 1am & the dasher stole my food," Bela's onscreen text reads.

The clip shows the Dasher arriving at Bela's house with the order and holds up the bag.

She appears to take a photo to prove that she left the delivery in the designated spot, but as soon as she took the photo, she headed back down the driveway with the food in her hands. She also didn't even appear to leave the food on the doorstep.


I was so upset đŸ˜‚ #fyp #doordashbandit #doordashdrivers #doordash #funny #tacobell

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With over 27,100 views at the time of writing, many people were shocked by the delivery driver's actions and angry for Bela.

One wrote: "Sadly I had the same issue 50 bucks in food sat it down took the pic picked it up n left went after them n they took off."

"She looked right at the camera too," another added, which prompted Bela to respond: "I know, right."

A third, who said they also DoorDash added: "I hate when people do this it's so disrespectful. Honestly for me I love doordashing just cuz it's such an easy way to get money to pay for my bills."

Someone else who doesn't "play" with their food wrote: "Girl, I was so upset for you ...I don't play with my food like wtf hope she choked on it from karma.

Bela also responded to this comment and said that she "literally chased her down, and she drove right past me like I was a ghost."

This wouldn't be the only time a DoorDasher seemingly ran off with a customer's order, especially when it comes to tipping.

A woman, who claimed to be a DoorDash driver, shamelessly admitted to TikTok that she ate a customer's order because they left her a small tip.

And another driver, who made a 40-minute trip to deliver food to someone, refused to give the customer his order after she discovered that he only tipped her $8 (£6) for the 12-and-a-half mile trip.

Indy100 reached out to @bela.bands via TikTok comment and DoorDash via email.

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