A TikToker has spoken about a bizarre and detailed lucid dream she had - and some people believe it’s a past life memory.

In a TikTok posted by @abundantvibes, Dana took viewers through exactly what happened and said “I feel like no one is going to believe me when I tell this story, but I swear this really happened”.

She explained that usually, she can tell her vivid dreams are her subconscious trying to figure things out, but this dream, in particular, felt unusual so she wrote it down as soon as she woke up.

Dana described how, in the dream, she was in the East African country of Rwanda staying in a hut in the countryside with her family.

She described her feelings in the dream, saying: “I remember thinking that I would be so satisfied living in this hut as long as I got to wake up and witness this beauty every day.”

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Next, Dana described looking up in the sky and seeing a plane surrounded by helicopters. The plane was shot down and landed near her family’s hut.

A man also staying there told her family to run and they were chased by some “very-official looking police people” and a lady who said she was looking for someone, so they began to hide in bushes and in the lakes.


I’ve never been so spooked by a lucid dream before

Next, she said: “My mum came out of hiding eventually and she tells us that everything is okay because she slit the lady’s throat.

“And I went to text my family that wasn’t there that I loved them because this lady seemed important and I knew that we were going to die and my phone died.”

Dana woke from the dream with her heart pounding. She wrote notes and even drew a picture of the scene so she would remember it. Next, she researched if anything like that had happened in real life.

She said: “I found out that there was a Rwandan plane that got shot down and it contained the Rwandan president and the president of another country.”

The background of the clip showed a web page giving information about the event.

Dana continued: “It started the Rwandan genocide which is one of the bloodiest events of the late twentieth century. And in about three months, 500,000 to a million people were killed.”

Texting her friend made the timing of the dream seem even weirder as he revealed he’d recently been watching documentaries about plane crashes and believed there was an episode about the specific event she was referencing.

Dana said: “This genuinely spooked the f**k out of me. I don’t know what that was. Did I astral project to Rwanda? I don’t know.”

Some people in the comments genuinely believed that Dana is “reincarnated” and recalling events from a past life since she was born after the genocide began in 1994.

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