A Pediatric Therapist Speaks On Trauma Of Abuse In Children

A heartbreaking video shared on social media shows children sitting in a car while a driver appeared to receive a sex act.

In a video uploaded to Twitter on Tuesday (13 September) by the account @jtlovos, somebody seemingly recorded the crude moment from their car window. The location looks to be a gas station.

Within the clip, a man in the driver's seat appears to receive fellatio from an individual in the passenger's seat while the children were sitting in the backseat, essentially witnesses to the lewd act.

"There's no way," one of the people filming the video exclaimed.

"The kids are literally - the kids are right there. No way, look, what's going on, no way.

Once people saw the video, they were disturbed by the "disgusting" moment the children saw.

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One person on Twitter wrote: "This is so sad, and it is possible that this is abuse by the man in this scenario forcing her to perform this act in such a humiliating way. The kids seem not to notice or be affected, like they've seen this before."

"This is disgusting, sad, and child abuse.

"And what's even worse is people in the replies and quote tweets are finding it funny," wrote New York Magazine/HuffPost Contributor Yashar Ali, while a third added: "How in the world does anyone think this is an ok thing to do? Disgusting."

A fourth who doesn't know where we went wrong as a society wrote: "Absolutely not funny, and should be considered sexual exploitation of a child. I don't know where we went wrong as a society where people think it's not a big deal if young children are exposed to sexual content anywhere. It's not funny; children should be protected."

Someone else simply added: "Social service needs to investigate what is happening in this home. These [children] are not safe, in my opinion."

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