Drug dealer caught after posting a photo of a block of cheese

Drug dealer caught after posting a photo of a block of cheese

Can you imagine getting thwarted by your love of cheese and biscuits?

Surely not? Well this is exactly what happened to a drug dealer who was jailed after posing with a picture of some stilton. We guess cheddar would be too weak for him.

Wait what? Yes, police were able to analyse Carl Stewart’s fingerprints from a picture of him with the dairy product and charge him for supplying a range of drugs and transferring criminal property.

Stewart admitted his guilt and has been sentenced to 13 years and six months in prison.

Detective Inspector Lee Wilkinson who was involved in the case said: “Carl Stewart was involved in supplying large amounts of class A and B drugs, but was caught out by his love of Stilton cheese, after sharing a picture of a block of it in his hand.

“His palm and fingerprints were analysed from this picture and it was established they belonged to Stewart.

“Stewart was handed a substantial sentence of 13 years and six months, and this should serve as a stark warning to anyone involved in this criminality that there are serious consequences.

“Merseyside Police, along with law enforcement agencies across the world, will leave no stone unturned in our pursuit of those people who think they are above the law, and we will continue to target anyone involved in serious organised crime to keep this positive momentum going.”

Look it’s not glamorous is it? It's more Line of Dairy than Line of Duty. But nevertheless, just goes to show if you want to be the big cheese in the drug world, maybe you need to eat less big... cheese.

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