Drunk man goes home in cab across three countries. Doesn't pay

iStock / cinoby; iStock / typhoonski

Waking up in an unexpected place after New Year's Eve is one of life's more common mishaps.

But not many will relate to this Oslo resident who took the phenomenon to extremes, by jumping into a taxi in Copenhagen, Denmark and ordered it to drive through Sweden to Oslo, Norway, according to the BBC.

It is a journey that covers around 370 miles.

Picture: The journey from Copenhagen to Oslo (Google Maps screengrab) 

Once the man arrived home, he did not pay the driver the 18,000 Norweigian kroner (£1,640) he owed.

But after finding the man asleep in bed, Olso police - who tweeted about the incident- convinced him to pay the bill.

That's some dedication to sleeping in your own bed.


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