'I will go anywhere but Russia': Fleeing Russians arrive in Georgia

Russian reservists were unexpectedly called to war by President Vladimir Putin on Wednesday leading to a chaotic scene on a military airfield.

Francis Scarr, a journalist keeping up with Russian State TV, tweeted a video of some men arriving for training at a Russian seemingly drunk.

One man stumbled across the runway carrying some gear in a backpack and plastic bag.

Another stood in the background of the video throwing his hands up in the air and yelling.

Then off to the side, laying in the tall grass, was one man supposedly passed out drunk.

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"Absolute scenes at an airfield in Russia's Far East," Scarr wrote. "One man mobilised to fight in the Ukraine was so drunk that he reportedly fell asleep in the long grass next to the runway."

Putin's mobilization of troops has led to tons of Russians fleeing the country out of fear of a conscription.

Although the video seemed humorous, it was a dark reminder of the terrors that lie ahead for those being forced to fight in the Ukraine war.

Anti-war protests erupted in Moscow, St. Petersburg, and other cities around Russia. Over 1200 people were arrested on Wednesday alone.

"I get that it seems funny to laugh at drunken Russian conscripts but these guys don’t want to fight and they’re most likely terrified," a Twitter user wrote.

Other journalists reported what the scene from inside Russia looked like following Putin's announcement.

Families were forced to say goodbye to their loved ones as they reported for duty.

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