Drunk guest 'ruins' wedding by throwing cake over bride before groom punches him

Drunk guest 'ruins' wedding by throwing cake over bride before groom punches him

Let's be honest, we've all gotten a bit carried away at a wedding and ended up having a bit too much fun but one guest in a now-viral TikTok took things way too far and ended up paying the price.

A video that has now been viewed more than 4 million times on social media sees a drunken wedding guest get a bit too involved in the cake-cutting ceremony when he inexplicably decided to grab handfuls of the cake and tried to dump it on top of the bride.

Fortunately for her, he missed on his first attempt but then tried to do it again and also missed. Not realising the commotion he had caused he then tried to hug the groom but that didn't end too well for him either.

Noticeably fuming the groom gave the guest a short but forceful jab to the face which sent the other man tumbling backward. Still not reading the room, the man got back up and tried to hug the groom again but thankfully a more sober guest managed to intervene and drag the cake thrower away before any more damage could be done.

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The clip first went viral after it was shared on TikTok by Russian user @petrovichpetrovichearlier this year but now appears to have been deleted. It has since resurfaced on Twitter after it was shared by viral account @BornAKang.

Reactions to the clip saw many people highlight a problem that might not have been that obvious at first glance: the cake looked a little dry.

One person wrote: "This man needs to be stopped even if that cake is dry as sand."

Another said: "That cake is dry as s**t."

However, the majority of people were shocked at the man's actions.

One person added: "Doing that while I have a 6inch knife in my hand would not be the smartest thing to do."

Another wrote: "Bro ruined the wedding."

A third said: "Not okay at all. I see no groom hitting anyone just taking consequences into his own hands I’d be throwing hands."

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