Dude Perfect break world record for highest basketball shot

Dude Perfect break world record for highest basketball shot
'This perfection-driven trickshot artist can give Dude Perfect a run for their …

The record for the highest basketball shot to be made has been absolutely annihilated by Dude Perfect in an unbelievable clip.

Dude Perfect is a group known for its incredible trick shots and has recently added to its repertoire of stunning feats after making a basketball shot from 855 feet in the air.

The stunt breaks the record for the World’s Highest Basketball Shot and was achieved from the top of The Strat – the tallest building on the Las Vegas Strip.

The team was given three days to complete the challenge and took it right to the wire, making it on the third day of trying. With their successful shot made, it added close to 200 feet to the existing world record.

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A clip of the successful shot was shared on Twitter, while, in a longer video on their YouTube channel, the group explained how it was achieved.

The team comprised Tyler Toney, twins Cory and Coby Cotton and Garrett Hilbert, who were assisted by a whole host of others, including chief creative officer, Ryan Britton.

Britton helped design a 10,000-square-foot net system that would catch the basketballs and protect the rooftop.

The first attempt missed the roof entirely, landing about 50 yards away and multiple more attempts missed the net by a large margin due to high winds.

World's Highest Basketball

On the second day of attempts, the team considered cancelling the challenge altogether over safety concerns but persevered until the seemingly-impossible challenge was completed on the third and final day.

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