Dunkin’ Donuts worker shares how they handle a customer who changes their drink size

Dunkin’ Donuts worker shares how they handle a customer who changes their drink size
TikToker Goes Viral For Disastrous Dunkin Donuts Coffee

A Dunkin' Donuts employee revealed what they did when a customer decided to change the size of their drink order.

A video uploaded to TikTok by the worker, known as Nick Ortega (@nickortega43), recorded himself changing a medium-sized iced drink into a large one.

Within the clip, Ortega took the already full medium-sized cold drink and poured it into a large cup, followed by ice.
"When she wanted a large and not a medium," the on-screen text read.

Taking to the comments of his own post, Ortega explained that the video was meant to be "a joke." But contradicting, he made a second comment to say that it was also directed at "rude customers".

"This is mostly directed towards rude customers who give my crew a hard time, and I have to step in bc they are yelling at kids."


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Regardless of what is meant to be comical or not, people took to the comments to express why they believe his behaviour is why people in customer service make minimum wage.

"This is why minimum wage," one wrote.

"No bc I actually watched someone do this in front of me once & when I tell you I had to call my mom, I was so outraged," another added.

A third who said this is why they never tip at Dunkin' wrote: "This why I only tip Starbucks."Others who work in the foodservice industry also chimed in to say that they do the same thing.

"Everyone does this at McDonald's. But all the foundation drinks sizes cost $1," a fourth wrote.

A fifth added: "Why I always get easy ice or make my own drinks when I'm at work cause that's exactly what we do."

Someone else made the argument for why they only order light ice when they get cold drinks and wrote: "That's why you always order LIGHT ICE."

Indy100 reached out to Ortega via TikTok comment and Dunkin' Donuts via email.

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