Why you should always order light ice at Dunkin, according to TikTok

Why you should always order light ice at Dunkin, according to TikTok

With the weather currently as hot as it’ll get, we often opt for ice teas and coffees to quench our thirst and get the caffeine dose we need.

Sometimes, the beverage doesn’t have as much of the fresh brew or ice sitting too long in the drink, making the drink lose its robust taste.

So what should you do if you want a cold drink without a change in flavor or a small amount of liquid?

According to TikTok, it’s as simple as ordering light ice.

Jason, who goes by @jasonmora2 on the platform, posted a video showing how much coffee is included in a large iced beverage order. Consumers are dissatisfied with the ice to coffee ratio.

He then carefully pours a full, big-size iced coffee into a large empty cup, using a long stir spoon to keep the ice from exiting the original cup.

“Since people wanna see what you get out of a large,” the text on the screen read.


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He places the ice-filled cup next to the second cup once all of the iced coffee has been transferred to it. The ice in the original cup is still at the very top, whereas the coffee-alone cup is only half full.

Some onlookers on the platform were aware that this happens, while others had ice suggestions themselves.

“So I would ask for no ice and a cup of ice on the side, but they charge just for a cup of ice even though you’re already buying something smh,” someone wrote.

“That’s why I get light ice,” another added.

A third made a joke on the exact amount of ice cubes you should ask for in the drink and wrote, “‘Can I get an iced coffee with exactly eight ice cubes’ LMAO.”

Someone else then said the ice is used to water down the beverage content, “Most places iced coffee is brewed as extra strong coffee because it’s meant for the ice to melt and water it down,” they wrote. Perhaps that’s the case with the coffee chain, to just get a separate cup if you want the most out of your drink.

Dunkin is a coffee shop across the United States and abroad with over 3,200 international restaurants in 36 countries, as expressed on Dunkin’s website.

There are many delicious flavored syrups for coffee. It also has over 50+ decadent donuts such as its trademark “Munchkins” and breakfast options.

According to CNBC, the company decided to ditch the “Donuts” in its name to remind America that they run on Dunkin’ coffee, not Dunkin’ donuts.

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