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A food delivery driver has shared a harrowing story about an elderly lady who can only afford to eat cereal.

TikTok user and alleged DoorDash employee Roger (@rogersmith15) took to the platform with a clip of the boot of his car.

“Very old lady ordered 24 boxes of cereal because it’s all she could afford. Every meal every day,” the clip read, which has now racked up almost two million views.

This comes at a time when US inflation has hit its highest since 1981. Meanwhile, the UK has reached a 30-year high.

What was supposed to be an eye-opener amid the cost of living crisis soon attracted many sceptical remarks from fellow users. "This is inaccurate," one proclaimed. "So many staples are inexpensive. One box of cereal could buy multiple packets of pasta or rice… frozen veggies, eggs."

Another suggested that "cereal is more expensive than it is noodles or mince or pasta etc."

A third declared, "I know this is a lie," adding: "Special k is 5-6 dollars a box depending on location. That’s about $130 you can buy a lot better groceries for that!"

The video creator hit back: "I'm just a delivery driver. I'm not going to lecture people on their diets. I will help if asked."

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elderly woman said she can't afford regular foods so she eats cereal every meal. #poor #sad #doordash

Others, however, jumped to the woman's defence and noted that other circumstances could have very well influenced her shopping choices.

"I feel like she meant other means of exhaustion. . .physically unable to cook/clean, maybe she's a widow and meals just ain't the same anymore," one TikToker commented.

Another pondered that she might not be able to cook. They added: "Some old people do not run their appliances because of the cost. Or maybe physically unable. I do not see milk, so dry?"

"A lot of elderly people have a hard time swallowing," another theorised. "Cereal is an easier food to eat."

Speculations aside, one user highlighted: "Whether true or not, this brings to light that many seniors struggle financially. Be neighbourly. Bring food, or even just companionship."

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